A White Pitcher and Crepe Myrtles

Hi there sweet friends, I hope your week is going well.  Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments I received on my recent little front porch makeover.  I had a blast putting it all together and it looks so much friendlier now.  It’s also a good thing our crepe myrtles are in full bloom right now.  We have two white ones by the driveway and I’m considering planting some more of these hardy, sun loving plants in the backyard along the fence line.  The blooms look so delicate and I love the sweet fragrance of them.  I haven’t seen any honey bees buzzing around the shrubs this year, wondering what’s keeping them away.


Today I brought some of these lovely branches indoors, put them in a simple white pitcher and placed them on the kitchen table.

Nothing says summer more than fresh flowers (or branches) from the garden and simple white accessories gracing the kitchen table.

I even set up a “table for one” out in the backyard and displayed the crepe myrtles and a bowl of lemons for a pop of color. The vintage tablecloth was my moms…couldn’t help but daydream a little as I watched the soft fabric blowing in the breeze.  I remembered when I was a little girl helping mom with her laundry.  We didn’t have a dryer, so everything was put out on clothes lines to dry.  We always said a little prayer that it wouldn’t rain on Monday….Mondays were set aside for doing laundry. In those days it took all day to get the job done. Late afternoon, baskets with fresh linens and clothes were brought back inside, ready to be folded, pressed and put away. If you’re close to my age you might remember those days.  Ah, the good ole days..

Sadly it was way too hot outside to enjoy lunch, so after the set up and taking a few pictures all of it came back in the house with me. I had fun playing with the white pitcher and the crepe myrtles today.  Must get back to work now.

Thank you for reading!