Adding Spring to the Tabletop (outside)

Since we’re starting to spend a little more time out on the patio, I decided to give some love to the patio table and put some green on the table top. You might remember the galvanized file drawer I found last year at an antique shop, well it came back out of storage and ended up holding plants and such, gracing our patio table.


I have to be honest with you and tell you that I have not thoroughly cleaned the outside of our home.  Spring Cleaning will soon include washing the windows and scrubbing the patio furniture, we are just waiting for warmer temperatures to take care of those chores.

The bunny “welcome” sign was tucked inside of “Fort Hill Creeping Phlox”  a trailing perennial that will soon be transplanted in the flowerbed.  Next to the Phlox, on the right is a white Hyacinth…I can’t wait for it to bloom, it has such a nice fragrance.  The rest of the space inside the drawer has been filled with faux green and moss balls.

This is such a simple way to add some color to the patio during the change of season.  I didn’t spend much money on the plants since I still had some money left on a gift-card,  I think I paid 36 cents…what a deal!

I hope you are doing well and I’m looking forward to our next visit!