Another Craig’s List Find

I’m a happy camper today!  I’ve been patiently waiting and checking Craigslist on a regular basis for a secretary desk and I found it.  Yay! We’ve lived in this house for quite some time and one of the walls has been such an eye sore.  Well, it’s been bare….I’ve never shown it to you for that reason.  In the past I tried to decorate this area with pictures, collages and an antique wall clock…nothing seem to work in that space. Aimee, my dil, suggested botanical prints, which I really like, however we’re talking quite a bit of money for 6 or 9 prints including framing. A couple of months ago I’ve started paying attention and was inspired by secretary desks. I never really thought about them before, but now I was smitten and on a mission to find one for our living room.


I love the simplicity of it….and the lead glass doors definitely had my attention first time I laid eyes on the piece.  Very charming! I can’t wait to decorate the inside!

I have one small challenge…it came out of a smokers’ home and I’ve already cleaned it with Simple Green and Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I’ve read on “eHow”  instructions on how to use vinegar and water to get rid of the residue from the cigarette smoke, so it will get another cleaning or two with the recommended vinegar and water solution to remove the odor.

Things needed:

1/2 cup of vinegar

1 quart of warm water

soft rags and bucket

So here I go,  round 2 of the cleaning. Do you have any other suggestions how to get rid of smoke damage on furniture?