Bunnies in a Box

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner.  Our back patio is finally getting some attention, a good clean-up and even some Spring Decor. The potting bench is such a fun place to add a little touch of Spring.  Just for fun I started gathering items for a whimsical spring arrangement on the potting bench.  A wooden box was filled with moss, plants, a wreath was added in the background.  Then the fun part, layering and tucking in the bunnies and even some blue and white vintage plates.


” Peter Cottontail” joined our little family of misfit rabbits.  I found him at Pier One Imports, he jumped into my basket and followed me home.  I love his bristle texture and the cute carrot he is holding.  I think he feels quite comfortable in this spot.

A pop of color adds more interest to the box, even if it’s faux.


I thought this little heart dangling from the wreath was sweet, stitched on it is a rabbit holding a carrot and some sweet blooms.

This is a cute inspiration piece for next Easter, I love homemade decorations.

Another look at the “bunnies in a box” arrangement,  sorry this photo is a little blurry.  A gust of wind blew in just as I was getting ready for this picture.   As you might have guessed,  I quickly removed all of the decor or it would have been blown all over the backyard.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Looking back, I found this post from last year  The Bunny Trail where additional bunnies gathered in the terrarium for an Easter Celebration.

I’m having too much fun….I better get back to my task at hand….more cleaning on the patio and washing windows.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit!