Caring for your Easter Lily

These days an Easter Lily is gracing our home with it’s beautiful fragrance. I picked this one up the other day while shopping at Lowe’s. Right now it shows only one bloom but it has a lot more buds on it and I’m looking forward to more buds opening up right before Easter.


Some helpful hints I found on caring for Easter Lilies:

Watering:  Lilies like to be moist but not soaking wet, remove the Easter wrapping quickly so water can drain from the bottom of the pot.

Temperature:  Lilies prefer household temperatures.

Light:  Lilies like a nice sunny window, indirect natural light, but avoid direct glaring sunlight.

Pruning:  To extend the life of the flower, pluck off the six yellow anthers in the center of the bloom.  The anthers contain pollen that can stain white blooms, and they also will make the flower age if they touch the blooms.

After blooming season:  When the original stems die, cut them back to soil level.  New growth may emerge within a month. Lilies are a perennial plant, hardy even in colder climates. Replant the lily bulbs outside in a raised bed 12 to 18 inches apart…lilies like morning sun. Also every 6 weeks  add a slow-release fertilizer to the plants.

I hope you like Easter Lilies too.

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