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Fall Decorating is coming along….

Hi Friends! How are you doing?  I’ve been busy decorating the entry way.  What can I say, I’m a piddler at heart. Sometimes I will take my newest inspiration piece and use it to create more than one vignette. Switching things around is a bit of  a challenge that I like to take on from time to time. This happened to me the other day after I finished creating this vignette on the sideboard.

I guess I had big plans for that sweet plate with the single leaf painted on it.


It totally inspired me to add some fall to the foyer and I started gathering items for this arrangement.  I didn’t have to go far, just shopped the house.

All things gray and neutral in color were used to stage this vignette, except a couple of faux leaves, which added a touch of brilliant, warm color.  I arranged all of the items on the rustic tray my husband made out of reclaimed wood.

This is a simple vignette, subtle hints of color work best in this space.  I’m almost done “falling” around the house.  Maybe a couple of fall touches in the kitchen?  Let’s see if I can keep this streak of inspiration going?

So glad you could join me today….come back soon!

Another Craig’s List Find

I’m a happy camper today!  I’ve been patiently waiting and checking Craigslist on a regular basis for a secretary desk and I found it.  Yay! We’ve lived in this house for quite some time and one of the walls has been such an eye sore.  Well, it’s been bare….I’ve never shown it to you for that reason.  In the past I tried to decorate this area with pictures, collages and an antique wall clock…nothing seem to work in that space. Aimee, my dil, suggested botanical prints, which I really like, however we’re talking quite a bit of money for 6 or 9 prints including framing. A couple of months ago I’ve started paying attention and was inspired by secretary desks. I never really thought about them before, but now I was smitten and on a mission to find one for our living room.


I love the simplicity of it….and the lead glass doors definitely had my attention first time I laid eyes on the piece.  Very charming! I can’t wait to decorate the inside!

I have one small challenge…it came out of a smokers’ home and I’ve already cleaned it with Simple Green and Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I’ve read on “eHow”  instructions on how to use vinegar and water to get rid of the residue from the cigarette smoke, so it will get another cleaning or two with the recommended vinegar and water solution to remove the odor.

Things needed:

1/2 cup of vinegar

1 quart of warm water

soft rags and bucket

So here I go,  round 2 of the cleaning. Do you have any other suggestions how to get rid of smoke damage on furniture?

Favorite Projects 2013

Like many of you I’m taking a moment to reflect on favorite projects of 2013.  The year went by way too fast if you ask me.  I shared with you about replacing our fence early in 2013  and hubby and I got creative on re-purposing the old boards.  Wood-working is truly a hobby of his and he will enjoy it even more after his retirement in a year or two  (hint hint). Oh, yes there will be more reclaimed wood projects in 2014, trust me on this.


In March 2013 I shared about the Reclaimed Wood Tray….this was a fun project, the tray adds lots of rustic and vintage charm whether it is placed on the coffee table or out on the patio table.


The weather turned warmer and a Potting Bench was just what I needed to get started on gardening projects and spring planting.

I love this box, it is so versatile…I have used it over and over again …I blogged about the Fall Centerpiece here. The ideas for more creative ways to use weathered fence wood just kept coming.


Finally, this  box came in handy in November,  it’s also made out of fence board, I stained it first, then had a change of heart and painted it, filled it with fall goodies  and it became our simple Thanksgiving centerpiece.

I’m getting excited about the new year and a new surge of creativity. How about you?  I sure hope you will join me and keep me company as we embark on new blogging adventures in 2014.

Mini-Carnations and Ramekins…

Hello sweet Friends!  I’m writing this post in the afternoon and may I tell you what the outside temperature reading is?  70 degrees! Unreal! I think there will be another cold front headed this way though.  In meantime I’m having some fun setting up a Valentine’s tablescape.  My inspiration?  Fun mini-carnations and ramekins!  These ramekins are great for small floral arrangements and perfect for keeping a low profile in the center of the table.


My simple Valentine’s tablescape….Dinner for four!

My dishes are mix and match…from Mikasa.  The dinner and salad plates are Mikasa Antique White, I own a set of twelve, the cup and saucer are Mikasa Italian Country Side, I own a set of four.  Stemware is also mix and match, the smaller set of glasses came from Germany.  The square pedestal cake plate came from Steinmart, silver flatware  – a wedding gift. The square table-topper with the alphabetical print also made it’s way from Germany.  It is so nice having a sweet sister living in Germany,  she always sends me the best gifts!  She is my only sibling and I miss her dearly at times.

A closer look at the ramekins bursting with color from the mini-carnations.

ow about you?  Do you have special plans for Valentine’s?  Maybe a nice dinner with your sweetheart?  I hope your Valentine’s Day will be a very special!    Thanks for stopping by,  your visits make me very happy!

Valentine Hearts…

Pinterest and blog-world are filled with inspiration for Valentine’s Day, it makes me want to jump right in and join the fun! Visiting Jane’s blog ~ Cottage at the Crossroads~ inspired me to go to the fabric store where I picked up a couple of fun Valentine prints.  I took them with me to our daughter’s house, she provided the pinking shears and we had fun creating fabric Valentine hearts.  We cut out the hearts with pinking shears, hand-stitched around the edges, filled the hearts with some poly-fill and secured the stitching.  I was excited to take some of the hearts home and put them on display in this small rustic carrier, along with some felt and wooden hearts adding more texture and interest.


For extra fluff  and lift I put some poly-fill in the bottom of the carrier – and placed the hearts on top.


My grand-daughter gave me one of the hearts she made, it’s the one in the front left  corner. That’s a special one!

This little charming box found it’s way to the guest-bedroom….and I also took a couple of the fabric hearts (fabric only) and put them in a white frame.  What a neat way to welcome guests during this season! Let them know they are loved for sure!

I’m so glad you stopped by for another visit here at home!

My Plate Gallery Wall today…

I find it challenging to create a pretty plate gallery wall.  There is lots of inspiration on Pinterest and over the weekend I tried my best to create a plate gallery over the sideboard. I must admit, finding the right color combination and design or placement of the plates was a little frustrating and fun at the same time.  Here is what it looks like so far and most likely I will tweak it, again.


This gallery represents a collection of plates, vintage and new, keeping the color combination somewhat neutral, pulling in grey from the breakfast area and gold tones from the family room.  I would like to find  a couple more vintage plates to expand this gallery a little bit further and to add some more interest to it.

I treated myself to a couple of new plates while browsing housewares at Dillard’s one day.  The grey paisley plate is by “echo design” and the yellow plate is by Daniel Cremieux (on sale).  The other plates and platters I had on hand ~ I just realized the need for some plate disc hangers…next on my list!

Isn’t this the cutest bundle of spring flowers?  Faux plant – but it looks real.  I found it at World Market – plant only.  I put it in a small white bowl and tucked in some moss around it. I’m still fluffing the breakfast area and  I will keep y’all posted.

So what have you been up to this past weekend?  I always enjoy hearing from you!

Decorating with Plants

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone is doing great mid-week. I did some re-arranging in the living room. PB inspired I decided to add some natural elements behind the sofa, adding a little charm to an otherwise dreary area. Our window looks out over the patio and just a few feet from the patio is a long grey fence. Not a pretty sight right now. The sofa was backed up against that window and I moved it away enough to make room for a sofa-table. Actually it’s the table from the entry way…which now needs to be replaced with another piece of furniture. But that’s okay. See how I create work for myself?


I just found these succulents at Lowe’s Garden Center on clearance. All of them were bunched up in one small container, four different varieties, so I separated them and re-potted them.  I don’t know the names of the different  plants, although one resembles an aloe vera plant.

This orchid was also a clearance purchase….it’s wonderful having some pretty blooms in the room.

How about you?  Do you decorate with plants?

I have lots of projects and fluffing planned and will tell you all about it…or better yet, show you my progress. I’ll visit with you soon.

Wintery Valentine Tablescape

It is really cold outside,  we had a few snow flurries last night but no snow on the ground.  Thinking about snow led me to do this small tablescape composed of all white and off-white pieces.  I’m thinking you are familiar with my dishes and glassware. I’ve shared the details with you before.  What I haven’t shown you is this vintage tablecloth made out of linen and lace.  I only use it for special occasions, I’m thinking it is well over 50 years old.  Me too!


Linen and Lace star motif in the center of the table-topper, as you can see it had been hand stitched and over the years well preserved with love and a little mending here and there.

The tray in the center of the table displays  a cloche with a sweet birdie inside, a sugar and creamer set, a Fenton glassware dish with a candle and a white ceramic dish holding a sweet spring bouquet (faux).

Mikasa dishes,  Irish Stemware and Silver flatware in this picture.

The glass cloche was placed on a milk-glass pedestal.  Inside the cloche a small ceramic bird is resting on a grapevine wreath  while keeping his feathers out of the snow (faux snow). Attached to the cloche with a satin ribbon is my favorite heart, made out of wood and painted white, I use it in many vignettes and never get tired of it.

Another look at the all- white Winter  Valentine tablescape…very simple, calm and serene.  I just love the warm glow of candle-light on a wintery day.

As I cleared the table, I moved the sweetheart cloche over onto the sideboard and took one last picture.

Blessings to you on this wonderful day….I’m so glad you stopped by!

January Revisited

Happy February!   According to “Phil”  we will have an early Spring. He didn’t see his shadow today.   I’m always looking forward to Spring…seems like it doesn’t last nearly long enough though before the hot temperatures lead us right into the Summer months.  For now we are enjoying somewhat warmer days and cool nights.  Today I would like to revisit a couple of my favorite posts that I shared with you during the month of January.


After all of the Christmas stuff was put away I decorated the entry with this Wintery Whimsey Terrariumpom-pom-pillow

I had lots of fun making pom-poms and added a little flair to a plain pillow, shown right here…Pom-Pom Pillow ..


Love the sight of beautiful snowdrops….shared about them here.


This was an ornament found on clearance and it became a focal point in my “Hot Cocoa Station”.


Last but not least, I enjoyed making this Lemon Poppy Seed Bread and had enough to share with friends.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, your visits make me happy and I’m always looking forward to reading your sweet notes.

A new Addition to the Bookshelf

Hello sweet friends!  I hope you’re doing well on this fine Monday morning!  Last week while visiting one of my favorite stores, T.J. Maxx I was smitten by this big ceramic vase. I had been looking for a more substantial piece to add to our bookshelf in the living room. I liked everything about this one, the size, the color and texture, needless to say, she came home with me.


I started fluffing the shelves and found the perfect spot for the new addition.

Sometimes too many small items can appear too busy and it takes a larger piece to rest your eyes a bit.

As you can see, I also placed the terrarium on the top shelf, I’m planning on adding some knick-knacks or books inside it.  There is no telling what I’m up to next….just come back and see me!