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Saturday at Home

Hi sweet friends…our weekend will be a busy one.  My husband and I decided we needed to “clear the decks” in the garage and today is the day.  I’ll visit with you a little later!


What does your weekend look like?  I hope it’s a good one!

Priming and Painting

Hello sweet people!   We have a busy weekend ahead of us – how about you?  I’m trying to finish up a couple of painting projects that I’ve started.  I must confess, I’m one of the few bloggers who hasn’t tried chalk paint, I would love to use it sometime. Valspar Signature Paint by Lowe’s is what I’m using on a small vintage dresser and table.  We’ll see how it turns out.


Priming will be happening in the breakfast area.   I shared about that project here.  After painting the lower half of the wall and living with it for a while, I am more convinced than ever that the color is not working for me.  So here I come with my paint-brush in hand!

What special projects do you have planned this weekend?  Whatever it is…make it a GOOD ONE!

Love is ~

Love is


~Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud~

I’ll be visiting with you soon!

Organizing the Pantry

Colder temperatures and lots of wind keep me close to home today.  I can always find something productive to do. Yesterday I ended up at the Dollar Store and stocked up on clear storage bins and boxes.  I’m determined to work on organizing the built-ins.  Pantry, cabinets and closets.  So this morning this is what I’ve been up to:


Our pantry before….(please excuse the blurry picture).

And after, much better.   Using some of the clear bins and boxes, labeling them will help keep items better organized in the pantry.  After showing my progress to my husband, he informed me that we have a label-maker. Hmmm… now I’m off to find the label-maker and replace my hand-written labels.

How are you doing today?   I hope you’re having a wonderful and productive week!  So glad you stopped by!

A sweet Gift by Mail

Wednesday was a gloomy day….fog had settled in and there was a chill in the air.  I hear that many of you were expecting snowfall. I hope you are safe and keep warm.  I guess winter is holding on a little longer in this part of the country. Anyway, my gloominess was lifted when I heard the doorbell ring and the mail carrier handed me a package.  I knew it had to be from my dear sister, she mentioned that she put something in the mail to me.


We all love to get a package in the mail don’t we?

I was so excited as I opened the box and found these fun treats. A couple of cute coffee cups/ mugs, a vintage gravy-boat, some wonderful tea with vanilla bits and yummy chocolates. I’m pretty sure these mugs will show up in one of my tablescapes before long.  And the gravy-boat?

I’ve already started playing by adding some springtime cheer….so many possibilities!!  Stay tuned…

Well, needless to say this sweet gift just put a smile on my face.

How are you doing?  I hope your day is packed with special moments, fun surprises and your weekend is wonderful!!

Starting on some Spring-Cleaning

Spring cleaning has not officially started at home but over the weekend I managed to get busy and  deep cleaned a side-table in the living room, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the picture.  I’ve been meaning to do that little chore for a while now,  so I got busy.


I usually just dust the top off and leave it at that, can you tell?  Not this time.  The Murphy oil soap came out along with the Q-tips and a dust cloth.

Good ole West Texas dust had settled in all of the intricate carvings of this table….yuk!   I sprayed the cleaner and used Q-tips to get into the groves and ridges and gave everything a good scrub.

Much better, except for some minor scratches and chipping.  I’ll have to decide whether to re-stain or paint the table.  It is a nice solid wood table and I hesitate to paint it.

Here she is all clean and pretty, I am so glad I took some time to deep clean this charming little table.  I’m working on a new vignette for this table and will share the progress on that soon.

Thanks for stopping by….you make my day!

What’s going on today….

Hi there!!  How are you doing?  I’m just popping in to tell you what we are up to this weekend.  It will be a busy one with the West Texas Home Builders Association Home and Garden Show going on in town and we are exhibiting the “Tower Garden by Juice Plus”.  The tower garden is a vertical aeroponic growing system and a wonderful way to grow vine-riped produce right outside your backdoor.  This will be the second year for us to enjoy this way of eating more fruits and vegetables.  Anyway, we are always excited to share all about it.  Here is a link to the website.


If you live in the area come by and see us!!  Ooops, hubby is leaving me behind he is headed to the Civic Center..I better get myself ready and out the door as well.   I’m also working on decorating the mantel…so many ideas, so little time!   What are you doing this weekend?   See you soon! Tooodles!


Adding Spring to the Tabletop (outside)

Since we’re starting to spend a little more time out on the patio, I decided to give some love to the patio table and put some green on the table top. You might remember the galvanized file drawer I found last year at an antique shop, well it came back out of storage and ended up holding plants and such, gracing our patio table.


I have to be honest with you and tell you that I have not thoroughly cleaned the outside of our home.  Spring Cleaning will soon include washing the windows and scrubbing the patio furniture, we are just waiting for warmer temperatures to take care of those chores.

The bunny “welcome” sign was tucked inside of “Fort Hill Creeping Phlox”  a trailing perennial that will soon be transplanted in the flowerbed.  Next to the Phlox, on the right is a white Hyacinth…I can’t wait for it to bloom, it has such a nice fragrance.  The rest of the space inside the drawer has been filled with faux green and moss balls.

This is such a simple way to add some color to the patio during the change of season.  I didn’t spend much money on the plants since I still had some money left on a gift-card,  I think I paid 36 cents…what a deal!

I hope you are doing well and I’m looking forward to our next visit!

Happy Mugs…

One of my favorite stores in town is closing it’s doors at the end of next month.  The Gourmet Pantry is a kitchen store, but also has a wide range of gifts and decor items. I’ve visited the store many times over the last few years and always found something that spoke to me and followed me home. Today I stopped by and picked up a couple of coffee mugs – everything in the store is discounted 40%.  It’s time to retire some of our old mis-matched mugs that we’ve accumulated over the past years. You know the mugs that have business logos on them ( hubby likes those). Anyway, I cleared out the cabinet that holds our cups and mugs and carefully selected the ones that were put back in place along with the new addition. The vibrant colors of the LeCreuset mugs are cheerful and make me smile.

I’m looking forward to enjoying a fresh hot cup of coffee using my new mug today.  What are you doing on this chilly January day?

A New Addition

Hi y’all!   How is your weekend going?   Hubby and I postponed our road trip,  waiting for the sunshine to come out and warm things up a bit.  I feel bad for my guy,  he had a Tuff shed built way before Christmas and has yet to spend some time in it.  I think he is ready for his shoulder to heal up quickly so life can get back to normal for him.

He enjoys woodworking and can’t wait to set up shop in here.  Wooden projects are waiting in the wings.

He promised to share his man cave and give me a small corner of the shed.  I think I will put my old potting bench in here and cutesie it up a bit – can’t wait.  It will be a great place to put small gardening tools, along with my trusty glue gun in case I’m crafting some floral projects.

Great inspiration pic on how to utilize old crates, drawers and pottery to stay organized in the shed.

Patience is a virtue…we are thankful the building is out there and when the time is right and the weather warms up we’ll get to enjoy it.

Thank you so much for stopping by,  you made my day!!