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Another Craig’s List Find

I’m a happy camper today!  I’ve been patiently waiting and checking Craigslist on a regular basis for a secretary desk and I found it.  Yay! We’ve lived in this house for quite some time and one of the walls has been such an eye sore.  Well, it’s been bare….I’ve never shown it to you for that reason.  In the past I tried to decorate this area with pictures, collages and an antique wall clock…nothing seem to work in that space. Aimee, my dil, suggested botanical prints, which I really like, however we’re talking quite a bit of money for 6 or 9 prints including framing. A couple of months ago I’ve started paying attention and was inspired by secretary desks. I never really thought about them before, but now I was smitten and on a mission to find one for our living room.


I love the simplicity of it….and the lead glass doors definitely had my attention first time I laid eyes on the piece.  Very charming! I can’t wait to decorate the inside!

I have one small challenge…it came out of a smokers’ home and I’ve already cleaned it with Simple Green and Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I’ve read on “eHow”  instructions on how to use vinegar and water to get rid of the residue from the cigarette smoke, so it will get another cleaning or two with the recommended vinegar and water solution to remove the odor.

Things needed:

1/2 cup of vinegar

1 quart of warm water

soft rags and bucket

So here I go,  round 2 of the cleaning. Do you have any other suggestions how to get rid of smoke damage on furniture?

Favorite Projects 2013

Like many of you I’m taking a moment to reflect on favorite projects of 2013.  The year went by way too fast if you ask me.  I shared with you about replacing our fence early in 2013  and hubby and I got creative on re-purposing the old boards.  Wood-working is truly a hobby of his and he will enjoy it even more after his retirement in a year or two  (hint hint). Oh, yes there will be more reclaimed wood projects in 2014, trust me on this.


In March 2013 I shared about the Reclaimed Wood Tray….this was a fun project, the tray adds lots of rustic and vintage charm whether it is placed on the coffee table or out on the patio table.


The weather turned warmer and a Potting Bench was just what I needed to get started on gardening projects and spring planting.

I love this box, it is so versatile…I have used it over and over again …I blogged about the Fall Centerpiece here. The ideas for more creative ways to use weathered fence wood just kept coming.


Finally, this  box came in handy in November,  it’s also made out of fence board, I stained it first, then had a change of heart and painted it, filled it with fall goodies  and it became our simple Thanksgiving centerpiece.

I’m getting excited about the new year and a new surge of creativity. How about you?  I sure hope you will join me and keep me company as we embark on new blogging adventures in 2014.

Sweet Springtime Tulips and a Fun Find

Happy Monday to all!!  How was your weekend?  I hope you enjoyed some warmer temperatures in your neck of the woods and had a chance to play outside.  On Saturday morning I put down my paintbrush long enough to make a trip to the grocery store and scouted an estate sale. By the time I got to the sale it was pretty much picked over and I ended up with a hobnail glass to add to my small collection of milk glass.


These beautiful tulips jumped into my cart at the grocery store…..what a sweet pick-me-up!

It seems my estate sale find and the fresh bunch of tulips are made for each other.

Can’t go wrong with adding a touch of blue to this sweet Spring arrangement.  Now,  I better get back to my task on hand, more painting.  I’m working on the breakfast area…AGAIN.  I just can’t seem to get it right.  What are you doing today?

More Painting Projects

Oh, how time flies!  I can’t believe February is almost over… just a couple more days to go.  This week has been busy, I’m in  painting mode.  I shared with you about painting the fireplace, I have to say,  it brightened up the living area quite a bit and I’m still happy with the result.  The other day I took second look at the secretary hutch and it just seemed like it also needed a pop of color.  Lighter and brighter seems to be my motto for this season.  I pulled out the paintbrush and got busy painting the inside of the hutch.


Just for fun I added a few of my favorite “blue and white” accessories.

This is how it started out, very dark inside the hutch.  After lightly sanding and prepping the paint went on.

Some improvement after the first coat of paint.

Better yet after the second coat.  I used Lowe’s  Valspar Ultra (paint and primer)  ”notre dame”, a light grey color.


After painting and drying it was time to add some accessories.  Blue and white, fresh and “springy”.

I do like the change of color.  What a difference!   I’m still in the mood for painting, let’s see what’s next?

Thank you for reading.