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Fall Decorating is coming along….

Hi Friends! How are you doing?  I’ve been busy decorating the entry way.  What can I say, I’m a piddler at heart. Sometimes I will take my newest inspiration piece and use it to create more than one vignette. Switching things around is a bit of  a challenge that I like to take on from time to time. This happened to me the other day after I finished creating this vignette on the sideboard.

I guess I had big plans for that sweet plate with the single leaf painted on it.


It totally inspired me to add some fall to the foyer and I started gathering items for this arrangement.  I didn’t have to go far, just shopped the house.

All things gray and neutral in color were used to stage this vignette, except a couple of faux leaves, which added a touch of brilliant, warm color.  I arranged all of the items on the rustic tray my husband made out of reclaimed wood.

This is a simple vignette, subtle hints of color work best in this space.  I’m almost done “falling” around the house.  Maybe a couple of fall touches in the kitchen?  Let’s see if I can keep this streak of inspiration going?

So glad you could join me today….come back soon!

Mini-Carnations and Ramekins…

Hello sweet Friends!  I’m writing this post in the afternoon and may I tell you what the outside temperature reading is?  70 degrees! Unreal! I think there will be another cold front headed this way though.  In meantime I’m having some fun setting up a Valentine’s tablescape.  My inspiration?  Fun mini-carnations and ramekins!  These ramekins are great for small floral arrangements and perfect for keeping a low profile in the center of the table.


My simple Valentine’s tablescape….Dinner for four!

My dishes are mix and match…from Mikasa.  The dinner and salad plates are Mikasa Antique White, I own a set of twelve, the cup and saucer are Mikasa Italian Country Side, I own a set of four.  Stemware is also mix and match, the smaller set of glasses came from Germany.  The square pedestal cake plate came from Steinmart, silver flatware  – a wedding gift. The square table-topper with the alphabetical print also made it’s way from Germany.  It is so nice having a sweet sister living in Germany,  she always sends me the best gifts!  She is my only sibling and I miss her dearly at times.

A closer look at the ramekins bursting with color from the mini-carnations.

ow about you?  Do you have special plans for Valentine’s?  Maybe a nice dinner with your sweetheart?  I hope your Valentine’s Day will be a very special!    Thanks for stopping by,  your visits make me very happy!

Valentine Hearts…

Pinterest and blog-world are filled with inspiration for Valentine’s Day, it makes me want to jump right in and join the fun! Visiting Jane’s blog ~ Cottage at the Crossroads~ inspired me to go to the fabric store where I picked up a couple of fun Valentine prints.  I took them with me to our daughter’s house, she provided the pinking shears and we had fun creating fabric Valentine hearts.  We cut out the hearts with pinking shears, hand-stitched around the edges, filled the hearts with some poly-fill and secured the stitching.  I was excited to take some of the hearts home and put them on display in this small rustic carrier, along with some felt and wooden hearts adding more texture and interest.


For extra fluff  and lift I put some poly-fill in the bottom of the carrier – and placed the hearts on top.


My grand-daughter gave me one of the hearts she made, it’s the one in the front left  corner. That’s a special one!

This little charming box found it’s way to the guest-bedroom….and I also took a couple of the fabric hearts (fabric only) and put them in a white frame.  What a neat way to welcome guests during this season! Let them know they are loved for sure!

I’m so glad you stopped by for another visit here at home!

Wreath Love

I’m so happy I stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way home from the post office.  I found the cutest wreath and decided to bring it home with me. The old shutter in the breakfast area will become a permanent place for it.  The two of them just seem to go together and provide another spot for seasonal decorating.


I’m sure you recognize the white wooden heart on a white satin ribbon, it was part of  my Wintery Valentine Tablescape.


Here are the two little love-birds resting up a bit.  The two birds were purchased at Target at the end of the season on clearance.


My favorite pic is this one…a simple red felt heart tucked into the intertwined branches of the wreath. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

In Trouble and Good Luck!

In Trouble,  that would be Ms. Desdi, our sweet little dog who decided to get my attention one way or another the other day…Good Luck would be a shamrock which I was working on while Desdi decided to “de-stuff” her toy. Anyway, it kept her busy for a while and I was enjoying my quiet time.


This simple craft idea just came to mind after some inspiration on Pinterest .  I had all of the supplies on hand and started right away on this quick and super- easy craft.

My supplies included a template of a shamrock which I found on-line, some card-stock, green felt and glue. I cut out the shamrock,  traced it onto the card stock and then cut out the card-stock shamrock.  At this point I added some glue and placed the card-stock shamrock glue-side down onto the felt.

Making sure it was tacked on good, I cut around the shape of the shamrock  and repeated the process on the other side.

Very simply celebrating St.Patrick’s Day here ” at Home”.   I have to say, this shutter/wreath combo lends itself as a wonderful back-drop for seasonal decor.  Guess what will be “hopping” over next?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Come back and join me for another fun project here at home.  What about you, are you decorating for St.Patrick’s Day?

Springtime Tablescape

Springtime excitement and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day has me thinking about creating a fun and whimsical tablescape using my collection of “Sheep Dishes”.  I believe I’ve mentioned them before and this is the perfect time of the year to bring them out to play.  The whole set includes six of the cups, saucers, plates, egg-cups and tumblers.  It also includes, a sugar bowl, creamer and a large pitcher. Each piece offers lots of detail and features images of soft little lambs grazing in green pastures.


I’ve set the breakfast table for the two of us.  The center of the table is a cheery display of an early morning country-side.  Lots going on here, including a small floral centerpiece,  two wire baskets holding a couple of glasses filled with dried green peas, tucked in and secure are taper-candles. More sheep and brussel-sprouts?  A little quirky maybe, but a fun touch of added color, texture and interest.


The wicker chargers and napkins shown here came from Pier One Imports, they fit so nicely in this rustic setting.


This little lamb had to be part of the tablescape,  I found him a couple of years ago. So cute with a bell around his neck. Not too far behind him is his “distant cousin” – a wooden sheep on rollers.


Morning sunshine is pouring in….greeting the day.


The larger plates feature the shepherd taking care of his flock.  This image touches my heart, it represents a deeper, more spiritual meaning for myself every time I glance at it.


I enjoyed creating this very casual tablescape celebrating this wonderful upcoming season of Spring and Easter.  I’m so glad you stopped by for another visit. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to leave a sweet note or even  ”like” me on Facebook.

Spring Mantel

I have some exciting news….my friend Martina from Northern Nesting is featuring me today.  She has a wonderful blog, please stop by and say hello.  Thank you so much Martina!

This past weekend I spent a little time adding a touch of spring to the mantel.  Shopping my house for some accessories, I started adding shades of green and white to the mantel celebrating the welcome change in season.


Spring flowers and branches are tucked in an urn and moss balls add some woodsy texture to this arrangement.

This little white birdie seems to get around,  I’ve used him in a couple of my other vignettes before.

The eggs you see scattered here and there may look real, but they’re not. They’ve been in my “Easter stash” for a couple of years and I love to use them in arrangements like this one…I wish I had a few more.

I love the display of color and texture in this picture.

I’m enjoying the seasonal transformation on the mantel.  What about you, are you having fun decorating for Spring?

A Casual Spring Brunch

The Bundt cake was baking in the oven when I decided to go ahead and set the buffet for a Casual Spring Brunch.  It wasn’t long before the cake was done and ready to be plated.  I quickly arranged some Easter decorations and brought out my white dishes, cups and saucers.  The Keurig Coffee Maker was doing the rest.


I’ve added some spring flowers and pops of yellow to the arrangement, overall I kept things simple and natural  looking.


Some white (faux) tulips were tucked inside the yellow napkins and then set inside this wicker basket.  These tulips appeared pretty real to me at the local decor shop and I knew I had to bring them home with me.


This little bunny is wearing a cute beaded necklace…all dressed up for Easter! Looks like she’s taking a little nap.


Popping up here and there are some Easter eggs tucked into a little moss.


Momma Bunny and her little one resting under a cloche, the perfect home for these little guys.


The cloche was placed on a terra-cotta dish that was fluffed for spring by adding moss and dried peas. (Please excuse the glare on the cloche).


I think it’s time for a cup of coffee and a piece of this delicious buttermilk cake. I wish you could join me ?!

I am so glad you stopped by,  come back soon!


The Bunny Trail

It seems for the last couple of weeks my mind has been pre-occupied with Springtime and Bunnies. We’ve enjoyed some really nice spring-like weather around here and the trees are beginning to show some blossoms. Easter is on it’s way. I’ve already added touches of Spring here and there throughout the house, this time more bunnies came out to play.


I found these charming vintage Goebel bunnies in my Easter “stash” and the terrarium seemed like the perfect place to corral them.


Making sure they are comfortable, I gave them a soft playground by adding moss to the terrarium.


A cute cabbage leaf with two bunnies holding on adds a bit more whimsy…  I hope they’re all getting along??


Now, I can’t share too much of this bunny- terrarium and where I placed it….because I might just have to save that for another post.

I’m so happy you stopped by and I appreciate all of the sweet comments.

Bunnies, again?

Hi sweet Friends,  how are you today?   It has been a busy week here at home.  Spring cleaning (fluffing) and some early spring planting on our Tower Garden, just to name a few on-going projects. Lots of fun and also a little work. Remember, when I shared about the bunnies in the terrarium last week? Well, here is the rest of the story.


The terrarium became my inspiration for yet another tablescape or should I say, a very casual sideboard-scape.

My sweet dil Aimee gifted me this really neat burlap coffee sack,  she picked up on one of her fun shopping trips.  It’s been stashed away since Christmas and I was thrilled to use it.

I just simply draped it over the sideboard and started adding dishes and decorations.  The bunnies took center-stage, in the terrarium, on top…and one green and white ceramic bunny next to the bread-board.

The wire basket in the background is holding the napkins and utensils.

I have to mention my one and only “Hutschenreuther” Easter egg.  It is a collectible ( Spring Egg 1998) I may just have  to check out E-bay,  if I decide to expand my collection.  Sound like a good idea to me!   Are you a collector?