Cozy Pillow for Fall

Recently I started knitting again, let me share my new chunky pillow cover with you….hand knitted by yours truly.  Once I got started knitting, it didn’t take long to complete this little project since I used extra thick yarn.  I’m such a pillow nut, I always get excited about adding a new pillow cover to the mix and can’t wait to snuggle up to this one in the Fall.


It all started when our grandkids came for a visit and I asked my granddaughter if she would like to learn how to knit – to which she replied ” Oh yes!”  She made a cute little sampler, learning how to cast-on, knit and purl.  While she was busy learning her stitches I decided to start on this pillow. Knitting is a hobby I enjoy while watching TV,  I have a hard time sitting still and doing nothing, so this is relaxing to me.

I knitted 2 panels – 16 x 16 inches and then stitched them together, adding a pillow form inside.  Silly me, I couldn’t remember how to “cast-off” stitches but after looking on-line here it all came back to me.

The pillow shows some flaws and imperfections, but that’s okay, just knowing that it was handmade pleases me. Practice makes perfect, right?  I’m putting it up for now, not quite ready for the warmer layers. We still have a couple more months of hot weather in this part of the country.

So which do you prefer, knitting or crocheting?   I like them both.

Thank you for visiting!