Daisies and Dots

Daisies make me think about summer, they are so fresh looking. I picked up a bunch of them at Michael’s over the weekend and was going to use them in a wreath for the front door. At the store my basket was filled with a grapevine wreath, daisies, the letter “L” and other goodies, I was in task mode.  Back home I was eager to get started on my summer wreath.


I attached the daisies and small greenery to the wreath, the glue gun got a good work-out this weekend.  I also spray painted the L white and attached it to the wreath with some floral wire.  I liked how it was all taking shape, now for additional embellishment:


The next step involved dressing up the letter L by dabbing some paint dots on it.  I should have done this step before attaching the L to the wreath, but it worked this way too.


Some left-over ribbon tied into a bow was attached to the top of the wreath and there you have it….sort of a whimsical summer wreath.


The framed fence board always makes for a nice and rustic backdrop…and the lemons add a nice pop of color.


And here she is on the front door, I really like lighter and brighter look.


Now, a few little birds have decided to build their nest right over the front door…which is cute, but also a little annoying. I’m going to ask hubby to transfer the nest, maybe to a tree?  Or should we wait?

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by,  I hope you have a great week!