Decorating with Plants

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone is doing great mid-week. I did some re-arranging in the living room. PB inspired I decided to add some natural elements behind the sofa, adding a little charm to an otherwise dreary area. Our window looks out over the patio and just a few feet from the patio is a long grey fence. Not a pretty sight right now. The sofa was backed up against that window and I moved it away enough to make room for a sofa-table. Actually it’s the table from the entry way…which now needs to be replaced with another piece of furniture. But that’s okay. See how I create work for myself?


I just found these succulents at Lowe’s Garden Center on clearance. All of them were bunched up in one small container, four different varieties, so I separated them and re-potted them.  I don’t know the names of the different  plants, although one resembles an aloe vera plant.

This orchid was also a clearance purchase….it’s wonderful having some pretty blooms in the room.

How about you?  Do you decorate with plants?

I have lots of projects and fluffing planned and will tell you all about it…or better yet, show you my progress. I’ll visit with you soon.