God’s little creatures…

Looks like we’re entertaining lots of little critters these days, most of them outdoor in the garden area.  But I wanted to start off by  showing you a couple of cuties I found at a recent estate sale.  I wasn’t really looking for anything particular at the sale, but these little guys warmed my heart and came home with me.


I was ready for a change on the coffee table and moved this glass dome from the bookshelves over to the table. The collection of sea shells that lived under the dome was replaced with some books, a live fern and the new (to me) little critters.

This is me in the summer when the temps hit 95 degrees and above….I’m moving along at a snail’s pace.

Oh yes, let me tell you about the other little creatures….first of all the bird nest on our front porch is back, has been for about a month.  Mama bird laid her eggs and baby birds hatched. She took really good care of them and a few of the birds already left the nest except two, they love the nest!!  I’m kinda ready for them to move on, so we can clean up and take our porch back.

A cottontail rabbit lives in our back yard…I think there is plenty of yummy food for him.  The tomatoes and squash plants are doing well on the straw bales and Tower Gardens, keeping the rabbit busy and his little tummy full.   We’ve also spotted a big garden snake,  don’t even like to talk about this one…

Due to lots of rain the playa behind our house filled up quickly and now has an abundance of lots of little creatures….look at these tiny toads that decided to visit our yard recently.

I took a close up snap of one,  we had lots of them!!

Even though  I grew up in a small town and love the country side, I’m not prepared to embrace all God’s creatures out here in our yard right now. Hoping in due time they all go back to their own habitat and I wish them well.

Thank you so much for visiting today!