In Trouble and Good Luck!

In Trouble,  that would be Ms. Desdi, our sweet little dog who decided to get my attention one way or another the other day…Good Luck would be a shamrock which I was working on while Desdi decided to “de-stuff” her toy. Anyway, it kept her busy for a while and I was enjoying my quiet time.


This simple craft idea just came to mind after some inspiration on Pinterest .  I had all of the supplies on hand and started right away on this quick and super- easy craft.

My supplies included a template of a shamrock which I found on-line, some card-stock, green felt and glue. I cut out the shamrock,  traced it onto the card stock and then cut out the card-stock shamrock.  At this point I added some glue and placed the card-stock shamrock glue-side down onto the felt.

Making sure it was tacked on good, I cut around the shape of the shamrock  and repeated the process on the other side.

Very simply celebrating St.Patrick’s Day here ” at Home”.   I have to say, this shutter/wreath combo lends itself as a wonderful back-drop for seasonal decor.  Guess what will be “hopping” over next?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Come back and join me for another fun project here at home.  What about you, are you decorating for St.Patrick’s Day?