New Patio Chairs and a fun Pillow

We have our front porch back! I’m so relieved!  I mentioned to you about the bird nest here, the birds hatched about 2 or 3 weeks ago and flew off however, some scissortail birds made this their permanent home and there was lots of traffic and as you can imagine, lots of bird poop too. I was so annoyed by going out there daily and cleaning up the mess.  Now it is all cleaned up and scrubbed down and hubby put up some bird deterrent strips by our front porch hoping to cut down on the bird visits.


When everything appeared to be under control, I was so excited to create this relaxing and welcoming spot on our front porch. I found the chairs on clearance at Costco,  a 2-pack for $39.99 and the chair cushions were purchased at Walmart, also on clearance. The pillows are reversible, which I like.  Looking at the picture, I realized something was missing and decided to whip up a quick toss pillow for one of the chairs for a little more color and interest.  The bricks of the house are really dark, the only way to wake them up is to pop something white against them.  Can you believe my fireplace used to be that dark?   I’m so happy I painted it.


I found a piece of burlap in my stash, cut it to the size of the pillow form and traced a set of numbers on it.  Then I reached for my little stencil dabber and some green acrylic paint and dabbed on some happy dots.


I finished sewing the piece of fabric and created an envelope style closure for this easy pillow project.  The whole thing took me less than an hour to complete, may be a little longer counting the drying time of the painted dots.


Yes, in case you are wondering, 9811 is our house number.


Just a thought, a hand painted pillow like this one  would make an excellent housewarming gift too.


I’m off to find a couple more plants for my pots, they are looking a little tired these days.  I hope you have a super week ahead!

Thank you for visiting!