Spring has arrived….

Happy first Day of Spring!!   This morning I was greeted by warm sunshine beaming through my kitchen window and the little Spring vignette I created on the sideboard was loving the sun.  The sideboard is one of my favorite places to decorate and I change it frequently….having fun with seasonal decor, dishes and this time some shadow play.


The fresh greens of  the shamrock plant and basil plant get me excited about spring and gardening.

I added the teensiest touch of blue to the spring vignette.  I just took a blue sharpie and got creative on a couple of eggs. Yesterday we had scrambled eggs for breakfast and I asked hubby to blow out a couple of the eggs,  I rinsed them really well, let them dry and then painted them. It was fun!!

The fluffy bunny was moved from the mantel….I think he enjoys being over here in this spot.  Not sure he’ll agree to go back.

So that’s my simple way to welcome Spring today….oh, that rhymes.  I better go, there are more projects to be done!!

Happy Spring y’all!   Thank you for visiting!