Starting on some Spring-Cleaning

Spring cleaning has not officially started at home but over the weekend I managed to get busy and  deep cleaned a side-table in the living room, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the picture.  I’ve been meaning to do that little chore for a while now,  so I got busy.


I usually just dust the top off and leave it at that, can you tell?  Not this time.  The Murphy oil soap came out along with the Q-tips and a dust cloth.

Good ole West Texas dust had settled in all of the intricate carvings of this table….yuk!   I sprayed the cleaner and used Q-tips to get into the groves and ridges and gave everything a good scrub.

Much better, except for some minor scratches and chipping.  I’ll have to decide whether to re-stain or paint the table.  It is a nice solid wood table and I hesitate to paint it.

Here she is all clean and pretty, I am so glad I took some time to deep clean this charming little table.  I’m working on a new vignette for this table and will share the progress on that soon.

Thanks for stopping by….you make my day!