Mums and Apples Centerpiece

Summer is hanging on a little while longer around here with the temperatures reaching over 100 degrees F at times. This past holiday weekend was a hot one. While trying to stay cool I visited some of the stores offering great sales. I ended up stocking up for next year on summer t-shirts and pants.  Last year I bought size 8, this year 10…hopefully I can yoyo between them.  I’m planning on losing a few pounds to get back into the 8’s.  Exercise has not been my friend lately, and I still love my Sonic drink every day,  I know I’ll have to give it up eventually. Guilty pleasures, right?

I also stopped at the grocery store and filled my basket with lots of fruit and vegetables, and some fresh flowers. On the way back home I thought about setting up one “late summer” tablescape using the flowers and some of the fruit I just purchased.


I love creating centerpieces with lots of color and texture.  The base of this centerpiece is a small shutter I purchased some time ago and painted it white, it is just the right size for the center of the table.  Quickly I gathered some items to set on top for a fun, colorful centerpiece.

Yellow daisies and filler (not sure of the name) in a galvanized bucket.

Fresh apples in a colander, next to it a small cantaloupe that came from our garden.

I also placed a bread board and an iron stone pitcher with silverware on the shutter, the napkins (a summer clearance item) came from Pier 1.

Oh yes, leaning up against the olive bucket filled with a mum, is a small painting of summer flowers by A.SAL.  I think it adds just a little touch of sophistication to my otherwise humble table.

I used my everyday dishes and glasses to complete this easy and fun tablescape.   Aahh, lets pretend and sit down to enjoy a quick meal, come on over and join me.   I’ll serve you some lemonade and apples.

Thank you for visiting.

Natural Fall Centerpiece

Hi everyone!!  I hope you’re having a fabulous week!  We’re already into the 2nd week of October, can you believe it?  Time is moving too fast these days.  Over the weekend I decided to put together a quick “use what I have” fall centerpiece and created a simple fall tablescape for our kitchen table.  It all started with a fabric remnant I found at JoAnne’s, the colors were perfect and the price was right.fall-napkins-1


One yard of fabric allowed me to make four napkins.  Easy, peasy…I bet it took less than thirty minutes to pull out my sewing machine, sew and then press the fabric.  I loved the organic look of the fabric, and of course a bit of orange adds that seasonal touch.


A white painted shutter was used as the base, it is just the right size for filling the center of the table with seasonal decorations. Then I went out in the backyard to clip some fresh oak leaf branches…these would add some great texture to the scape. I placed a glass vase filled with a candle and pine cones in the center and then layered leaves, various pumpkins and more pine cones for a gathered look, couldn’t have been more simple.


The pine cones are frosted but I don’t mind, I think it looks okay combined with all other natural elements.


The flared glass vase in the center of the table was purchased at Target a while back.  Dishes and glassware used on the table are my everyday dishes that I like to mix and match.


Wishing you a beautiful fall……thank you for reading!