PB Inspired Cloche

The latest PB catalog inspired me to take another look at cloches. The Mercury Stand Cloches shown in the catalog add charm and sparkle to anything displayed in them.  With that in mind I shopped my house to create the cloche that is currently on my sofa-table.


I just recently moved this table behind the sofa to give some of the indoor-plants a “front-row seat” by the window.  The early morning sunshine usually brightens this whole area up, we are kind of overcast this morning with strong wind gusts.  Lots of dust in the air…yuk!

These are the items that I used for the cloche: a pedestal including chrome plate for a little extra sparkle and shine, a sweet little ceramic bird that will be perched on a tiny milk-glass candle-holder and of course a glass dome.


Okay, by all means it’s not a PB Mercury Stand Cloche, but for me it comes pretty close!

Do you have any special cloches in your home?   Any Mercury Stand Cloches from PB?

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A Casual Spring Brunch

The Bundt cake was baking in the oven when I decided to go ahead and set the buffet for a Casual Spring Brunch.  It wasn’t long before the cake was done and ready to be plated.  I quickly arranged some Easter decorations and brought out my white dishes, cups and saucers.  The Keurig Coffee Maker was doing the rest.


I’ve added some spring flowers and pops of yellow to the arrangement, overall I kept things simple and natural  looking.


Some white (faux) tulips were tucked inside the yellow napkins and then set inside this wicker basket.  These tulips appeared pretty real to me at the local decor shop and I knew I had to bring them home with me.


This little bunny is wearing a cute beaded necklace…all dressed up for Easter! Looks like she’s taking a little nap.


Popping up here and there are some Easter eggs tucked into a little moss.


Momma Bunny and her little one resting under a cloche, the perfect home for these little guys.


The cloche was placed on a terra-cotta dish that was fluffed for spring by adding moss and dried peas. (Please excuse the glare on the cloche).


I think it’s time for a cup of coffee and a piece of this delicious buttermilk cake. I wish you could join me ?!

I am so glad you stopped by,  come back soon!