Botanical Gallery Wall

Decorating the walls of our breakfast area has always been a stresser for me.  Our house is on the smaller side and has an open floor plan and I’m having a difficult time deciding how to decorate one of the kitchen/breakfast area walls.  I’ve changed  it up so many times, but alas I think I found a keeper!  Pam from Simple Details did a post on a kitchen make-over that I loved and was inspired by. Part of her makeover involved creating a gallery wall using black botanicals. Well, needless to say I was smitten and figured I could try this diy artwork in my breakfast area.  I printed the botanicals and framed them.


I was excited about how the project turned out.  The frames and mats were purchased at Hobby Lobby, I think the frames were 50% off at the time and I used a couple of 40% coupons for the mats.

Recently, I’ve made some changes and moved the prints to the opposite wall over the sideboard. I also switched out the mats to white ones.  This fresh look works so much better since table and chairs are dark and we needed some contrast on the wall.

The website for the free botanicals is amazing with lots of prints to choose from. I may have to go in and select 3 more to add to the wall.

This has been a fun project for me,  do you like gallery walls?  By the way, I kept the black mats on hand just in case I change my mind as I frequently do.

Blessings dear friends!