Priming and Painting

Hello sweet people!   We have a busy weekend ahead of us – how about you?  I’m trying to finish up a couple of painting projects that I’ve started.  I must confess, I’m one of the few bloggers who hasn’t tried chalk paint, I would love to use it sometime. Valspar Signature Paint by Lowe’s is what I’m using on a small vintage dresser and table.  We’ll see how it turns out.


Priming will be happening in the breakfast area.   I shared about that project here.  After painting the lower half of the wall and living with it for a while, I am more convinced than ever that the color is not working for me.  So here I come with my paint-brush in hand!

What special projects do you have planned this weekend?  Whatever it is…make it a GOOD ONE!

At Home today….2

How are you doing sweet friends?  The weather has been beautiful around here for the last couple of days and I felt motivated to tackle some projects I’ve been putting off.  Painting the fireplace has been on my mind for some time now.  I love a brick fireplace and wouldn’t have even considered painting, but our brick was very dark and plain looking. After receiving some sweet encouragement from our Aimeeover the weekend, I was ready to get started.  A couple of trips to Sherwin Williams to get painting supplies and lets do this….(oh, I hope I don’t regret it ?!)

Not too much prep work, just dusting and wiping the brick with water/vinegar solution.  Taping around the woodwork, glass and spreading out some plastic cover.

Here we go….that’s me on the ladder applying the paint/primer combo ( I normally don’t like to go higher than the 3rd step on the ladder this is a stretch for me.  Wish me luck!

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My Fireplace Makeover

I’m excited to share my “new” to me fireplace with you.  After contemplating painting it for a long time I finally found the courage to get’r done.  I spent about a day and a half on the project and I’m pleased with the results.


After all the prep work I applied one coat of Sherwin Williams Concrete Stain (water based, built- in primer).  We had it color-matched to the built-in and were hoping it would blend in nicely with the cabinetry, not so.  It was turning out too yellow.


The next day I decided to go back to SW and picked up some color samples, trying once again to match the cabinets.  And yes, that worked.  I ended up using SW Interior Latex – Zurich White, much easier to apply at that point since the bricks were primed.


Here is a picture of the “before”…


and after….


I like the way it turned out and how it lightens up the room.  Even the mirror shows up better….nice!  Definitely well worth the time and effort. I still have some tweaking and other projects waiting, so, I will chat with you later….

Thank you for visiting and reading…..have a lovely weekend!

Lighten Up

Hi there!  I hope you all enjoyed the first weekend in May!   We had summer- like temperatures soaring in the upper 90′s and today we are expecting to hit 100 degrees, maybe even higher.  The air conditioner was turned on for the first time this year.  Hot temps kept me busy inside the house sprucing up our breakfast area, some painting and changing the look of the windows.  Going lighter on the wall and curtains these days. Before:


This was last year around this time..I liked the grey color on the wall and curtains, they worked really well with the kitchen area, but I was ready for a change.  So I painted the wall a lighter grey and purchased new curtains at Target.  The window panels are from their Threshold collection “Farrah Medallion”. After:

The colors of the fabric work really well with the existing colors in the open living area.

There is so much work to be done yet, upgrades and improvements but I’m not sure our budget will stretch that much this year. Painting kitchen cabinets, replacing countertops and backsplash, and then putting in wood flooring is on our wish list before hubby retires. God willing, right?

Well, I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to the last few days….I also managed to purge things out of our closets and other areas of the house. I made a couple of trips to Goodwill today, it feels so much better getting rid of some clutter.

Thank you so much for stopping by, you made my day!!

Progress in the Kitchen

I thought I might give you a little update on our kitchen makeover.  The painters came on Monday morning and started on the project, prepping and painting.  They removed all cabinet doors and drawers and took them to their shop to spray- paint them. On Wednesday they put all of the doors back up. Now we just have to allow adequate drying time before putting all of the dishes, etc. back into place. We decided against painting the inside of the cabinets, a budget call.


Progress…the color I chose is a close match to the color of the built-ins in our living room.  I went with Zurich White by Sherwin Williams.

I have to say I’m so glad I didn’t tackle this job by myself.  This will give us a good jump start (inspiration) to work on other updates in the kitchen area. Like replacing the countertop and maybe a new backsplash, as well as painting the walls in the kitchen/dining area. Hubby will try to make over the bar area, we are considering some sort of overlay?  Not sure yet.

Taking our sweet time, we’re hoping to get it all done before the holidays, God willing!

Thanks for visiting!

Mums and Apples Centerpiece

Summer is hanging on a little while longer around here with the temperatures reaching over 100 degrees F at times. This past holiday weekend was a hot one. While trying to stay cool I visited some of the stores offering great sales. I ended up stocking up for next year on summer t-shirts and pants.  Last year I bought size 8, this year 10…hopefully I can yoyo between them.  I’m planning on losing a few pounds to get back into the 8’s.  Exercise has not been my friend lately, and I still love my Sonic drink every day,  I know I’ll have to give it up eventually. Guilty pleasures, right?

I also stopped at the grocery store and filled my basket with lots of fruit and vegetables, and some fresh flowers. On the way back home I thought about setting up one “late summer” tablescape using the flowers and some of the fruit I just purchased.


I love creating centerpieces with lots of color and texture.  The base of this centerpiece is a small shutter I purchased some time ago and painted it white, it is just the right size for the center of the table.  Quickly I gathered some items to set on top for a fun, colorful centerpiece.

Yellow daisies and filler (not sure of the name) in a galvanized bucket.

Fresh apples in a colander, next to it a small cantaloupe that came from our garden.

I also placed a bread board and an iron stone pitcher with silverware on the shutter, the napkins (a summer clearance item) came from Pier 1.

Oh yes, leaning up against the olive bucket filled with a mum, is a small painting of summer flowers by A.SAL.  I think it adds just a little touch of sophistication to my otherwise humble table.

I used my everyday dishes and glasses to complete this easy and fun tablescape.   Aahh, lets pretend and sit down to enjoy a quick meal, come on over and join me.   I’ll serve you some lemonade and apples.

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