Mini-Carnations and Ramekins…

Hello sweet Friends!  I’m writing this post in the afternoon and may I tell you what the outside temperature reading is?  70 degrees! Unreal! I think there will be another cold front headed this way though.  In meantime I’m having some fun setting up a Valentine’s tablescape.  My inspiration?  Fun mini-carnations and ramekins!  These ramekins are great for small floral arrangements and perfect for keeping a low profile in the center of the table.


My simple Valentine’s tablescape….Dinner for four!

My dishes are mix and match…from Mikasa.  The dinner and salad plates are Mikasa Antique White, I own a set of twelve, the cup and saucer are Mikasa Italian Country Side, I own a set of four.  Stemware is also mix and match, the smaller set of glasses came from Germany.  The square pedestal cake plate came from Steinmart, silver flatware  – a wedding gift. The square table-topper with the alphabetical print also made it’s way from Germany.  It is so nice having a sweet sister living in Germany,  she always sends me the best gifts!  She is my only sibling and I miss her dearly at times.

A closer look at the ramekins bursting with color from the mini-carnations.

ow about you?  Do you have special plans for Valentine’s?  Maybe a nice dinner with your sweetheart?  I hope your Valentine’s Day will be a very special!    Thanks for stopping by,  your visits make me very happy!

Breakfast on the Blue and White

Lately I’ve been using some of the vintage linen that has been stashed away in the closet. Why not use it to everyday?  What am I waiting for?  This morning we enjoyed breakfast on the blue and white table-top.


I love this picture of different textures and patterns….European mix and match.

Check out the coffee grinder on the tray….I actually remember using one like that long time ago.

Here is another look at the table-runner with that beautiful cross-stitch.  I hope you enjoyed the quick trip down memory lane….

Have a wonderful day!   So thankful you stopped by!

Casual Table for Four

Hello friends, come on in…it’s cold and windy outside.  I’ve already set the table for us. The color scheme of the table reflects what I see outside – grey skies and white snow. Again, using my everyday dishes and flatware I’m setting a very casual table.


If you look outside the window you can see the snow accumulating along the fence line.

I’ve included white dishes, crystal glasses and silver flat-ware.  All casual pieces, except the glasses maybe.

A white (faux) orchid peeking out of the grey lantern, adds  a touch of spring to the table.

The woven chargers are from Dillard’s (summer clearance item).

The white and grey napkins were purchased at Home Goods in Ft. Worth.   I’m still hoping for a Home Goods Store to open in  Lubbock, maybe some day.

P.S.  This post was written a couple of days ago during the blizzard…we have since warmed up a bit and the snow is pretty much gone. Thankful for the good moisture on the ground…we needed it so badly!  What about you?   Snow still on the ground where you live?

As always,  thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet note…I love to read your mail!

Bunnies, again?

Hi sweet Friends,  how are you today?   It has been a busy week here at home.  Spring cleaning (fluffing) and some early spring planting on our Tower Garden, just to name a few on-going projects. Lots of fun and also a little work. Remember, when I shared about the bunnies in the terrarium last week? Well, here is the rest of the story.


The terrarium became my inspiration for yet another tablescape or should I say, a very casual sideboard-scape.

My sweet dil Aimee gifted me this really neat burlap coffee sack,  she picked up on one of her fun shopping trips.  It’s been stashed away since Christmas and I was thrilled to use it.

I just simply draped it over the sideboard and started adding dishes and decorations.  The bunnies took center-stage, in the terrarium, on top…and one green and white ceramic bunny next to the bread-board.

The wire basket in the background is holding the napkins and utensils.

I have to mention my one and only “Hutschenreuther” Easter egg.  It is a collectible ( Spring Egg 1998) I may just have  to check out E-bay,  if I decide to expand my collection.  Sound like a good idea to me!   Are you a collector?

Blooms for the Table

Hi sweet friends! I sure hope you’re staying warm these days, thinking of all who are in the path of the snow and ice today.  Please bundle up!! We have some bitter cold temperatures here and snow to be expected tonight. Looks like our travel plans have been put on hold for a while.  I happen to stop at Walmart yesterday and found some beautiful orchids in their garden section (indoors) priced under $10.00.  My store credit of $12.00 was burning a hole in my pocket, and I was happy to spend it on an orchid.

This made for some eye candy on the breakfast table..

No, it’s not really about the tablescape, but with a pretty centerpiece like this I just had to set up the table for the two of us.

Most of my house plants are kept in the breakfast area since they’ll get an adequate amount of light and good sunshine especially during the winter months.

My fiddle fig leaf plant is still green, I’m hoping it will grow taller.  I’m thrilled to have some blooms to gaze at during these cold winter days, it lifts my spirits and warms my heart.  That and lots of coffee, tea and hot cocoa.

Thanks for stopping by,  sending you warm hugs today!

Apples and Kiwi on the Table

We’ve had our share of dreary weather around here and on days like that I crave a little color.  I don’t dress the dining table nearly enough, but every once in a while we’ll sit down at table and enjoy our dinner in style.  This time I thought I would play a little using some white and green on the table.

I pulled out my everyday white dishes and perked them up by adding green saucers from another set. I love mixing and matching my dishes.

The woven placemats and napkin rings were purchased at the Gourmet Pantry,  a local kitchen store that is going out of business.  So sad to see them leave. However, I managed to pick up some great bargains at their retirement sale.

I love to add colorful fruit, in this case some kiwi fruit and green apples in a bowl.  And let’s not forget the touch of green on the napkins.

A small creeping fig plant serves as the centerpiece and adds a nice touch of dark green color.

Lots of texture and a little spring time color, along with the aroma of a loaf of fresh baked bread make this tablescape come together nicely.   What’s for dinner you ask?  Baked chicken and sautéed peppers over rice,  fresh asparagus and bread of course.  For dessert a fruit cup, strawberries, kiwi and bananas.  No pictures, sorry.

As always, thank you for visiting!

Tomatoes and a pretty Table

Happy  Summer –  what have you been up to?   I hope your time is blessed with lots of family fun and making happy memories.  This morning I sat down and cleared some pics off my iPhone, these are from my recent trip to DFW, this, that and the other. Hope you don’t mind me sharing?  Here we go… gardening takes up a little bit of time these days and I love checking on the progress of our plants on the Tower Garden and straw bales.


I get so excited when I see these yummy tomatoes almost ready to be picked. We’re also growing lots of lettuce, kale, cilantro, parsley,dill and basil on the towers.

Since the tomatoes are close to be ripe, I can’t wait to make a homemade pizza like this one!  Our daughter made it for us when we stayed at her house recently.  She used a pre-made pizza dough from Trader Joe’s and added some yummy toppings like pizza sauce, fresh tomatoes, chopped basil, mozzarella cheese and feta cheese. After popping it in the oven and baking for 15 minutes or so it was ready to eat!  Easy, peasy and so good!

And can I just tell you about my sweet granddaughter setting a beautiful table while I stayed at her house for a couple of days while Aimee was out of town.  Just like her momma, little B  is a gracious hostess and makes everyone feel welcome.  I love her pretty smile and the color pink!!

I think we served baked potatoes and salad….but the gorgeous table setting made it extra special!  She even made place cards for everyone – it’s all about the details, right?  Precious!

I’m still clearing more pics….saving some for another post!

Have a blessed day!

Mums and Apples Centerpiece

Summer is hanging on a little while longer around here with the temperatures reaching over 100 degrees F at times. This past holiday weekend was a hot one. While trying to stay cool I visited some of the stores offering great sales. I ended up stocking up for next year on summer t-shirts and pants.  Last year I bought size 8, this year 10…hopefully I can yoyo between them.  I’m planning on losing a few pounds to get back into the 8’s.  Exercise has not been my friend lately, and I still love my Sonic drink every day,  I know I’ll have to give it up eventually. Guilty pleasures, right?

I also stopped at the grocery store and filled my basket with lots of fruit and vegetables, and some fresh flowers. On the way back home I thought about setting up one “late summer” tablescape using the flowers and some of the fruit I just purchased.


I love creating centerpieces with lots of color and texture.  The base of this centerpiece is a small shutter I purchased some time ago and painted it white, it is just the right size for the center of the table.  Quickly I gathered some items to set on top for a fun, colorful centerpiece.

Yellow daisies and filler (not sure of the name) in a galvanized bucket.

Fresh apples in a colander, next to it a small cantaloupe that came from our garden.

I also placed a bread board and an iron stone pitcher with silverware on the shutter, the napkins (a summer clearance item) came from Pier 1.

Oh yes, leaning up against the olive bucket filled with a mum, is a small painting of summer flowers by A.SAL.  I think it adds just a little touch of sophistication to my otherwise humble table.

I used my everyday dishes and glasses to complete this easy and fun tablescape.   Aahh, lets pretend and sit down to enjoy a quick meal, come on over and join me.   I’ll serve you some lemonade and apples.

Thank you for visiting.